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I love your work, keep shooting! Your most recent blog post touched a nerve. Perhaps its why people like you and I are drawn to photography in the first place, the desire to leave something behind... Your photos of Tulsa are deeply nostalgic for me, I have fond memories of driving my old Jetta down the 412 to see shows at Cains years ago... Next time you find yourself in the DMV/DC, give me a ring.
>Death_Anxiety As you wrote, defamiliarizing your life is important. Don't measure your life. It's essential for budgeting though. Measuring familiarizes your life because it makes things standardized quantities. Also measuring time somewhat assumes linear time. If you believe in cyclic time for example, these discussions would not matter. So try to defamiliarize your life itself by trying various worldviews on life.
>Death_Anxiety I thought similar and wrote "". The first thing I want to say is, you don't HAVE TO engage yourself. If you find something really interesting, you will naturally engage yourself. Instead, do nothing and just live. You should be frugal about your time. To get more time, restrict your internet and screen time. You'll always get enough then.
For what it's worth, your site is once again the second listing on Google when you search "block Razer Synapse"
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lhfm 5 months ago

Ha, I don't keep track constantly, but I've seen it comes and goes based on google algorithm changes.

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good job on your photos. there's a peaceful contemplative quality in the slice of life stuff.
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eveningbells 6 months ago

Thank you so much. The vibe of your site is amazing. May I ask where the text for the mouseover text comes from?

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doxylamine 6 months ago

thanks, some of the photos are of book covers and the text comes from the pages of that book. others are dvd covers and the quote is from somewhere on/in the case.

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