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new update! old music page is now the new media page! has a bunch of cool stuff that i recommend, please check it out :)
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孔瑞麗 was updated.
2 months ago
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i love your site!!!
ruili 2 months ago

'tysm!!!! love yours too <3

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blog page updated! not only a new post, but the font size was updated (hope its easier to read), each post has its own page now and are in an iframe for easier updates :)
YOUR SITE IS SO PRETTY OMG!!!!!! I hope you don't mind but I added you to my "Friends/Neighbors/Cool People/Random Passerby" section on my site because your site is so cool
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ruili 3 months ago

tysm!! i definitely dont mind, i really appreciate it! ill add your site back on my links page :D

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