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misswannabe 6 days ago

Well, even though I'm Balkan, I'm not actually old enough to have friends traveling that much, so I haven't noticed anything... Though I must say, everyone travels these days for some reason?? Like why??

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blankmanger 6 days ago

^ im from Central Europe, and my friends who are able to travel only went to northern countries recently, and nobody ever mentions going to south-eastern countries… it may correlate with what kind of people im surrounded by, though… (former art students, lol)

sanhyo 6 days ago

yea i noticed a lot of my acquaintances (girls especially) visited turkey at least once in their early 20s, its so often, at least here in my country that i feel like its such a basic thing to do nowadays lmao, idk why tho

saint-images 6 days ago

In case of Russia everyone goes to Turkey because it's cheap, visa-free and relatively easy to bring money to, with all the bank bans and stuff. Same thing with Egypt.

matfloor 6 days ago

I remember Tunisia being highly popular back when I was kid and even I went with my family few times, now most of people I know were going to Turkey. I heard about influencers from my country boasting about visiting Middle Eastern countries often though.

cabbagesorter 6 days ago

Read everyone's replies - that's so interesting and yeah I can see why people visit turkey, but its funny how it became The One destination to visit for us europoors :'). And yeah, women especially do it! And I do remember tunisia being really popular when I was a kid too, my bffs older sister even went there on her high school trip!

sablecradle 5 days ago

As a fellow eqstern euro, I think this has been an ongoing trend, when I was little in the early 2000s going to Egypt was like the bougiest thing you could do, nowadays it seems to be UAE. I think its just the closest "southern" climate we can get? Like Canaries or something seems more expensive. Idk why one, especially a woman, would willingly go to UAE tho lmao

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freckleskies 4 days ago

romania here and usually the default travel destinations are bulgaria and greece. i guess turkey is also pretty popular but mainly those two

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