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tehuan 1 month ago

wow, these are stunning. i'm in awe

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sunmiflowers 1 month ago

thank you so much tehuan!!

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made my site & halloween mix!! you can see it here ~~>
sunmiflowers 6 months ago

when I have time again I look forward to making more fun sites and things here. might move my garden blog & etc over...!

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loves1ck 6 months ago

that hedgedog pumpkin is absolutely precious!

sunmiflowers 6 months ago

ty lovesick! ^^ <3

omg I was already wanting to make a halloween playlist for the heck of it but this challenge is perfect for sharing it! excited, anyone else doing it? ^^ link:
sorry I missed your twitter message somehow!! this site looks incredible excited to get to reread the jude & maria comics <3
spacecatdisco 10 months ago

its cool! I think we all been fighting to get through May. I am very pleased with this site, I kinda wanna move everything here!

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sunmiflowers 10 months ago

@spacecatdisco absolutely ; _ ; that's awesome, I look forward to seeing what you do next with the site! already I'm feeling nostalgic for when I remember reading these comics on your old tumblr lol <3

sunmiflowers 11 months ago

added fanlistings >:3

I went ham on fanlistings last night...😵‍💫 and now viz manga subscription app? never sleeping again 🫡
sunmiflowers 11 months ago

applying to a residency... wish me luck >~< !

meixins 11 months ago

good luck sunmi!!! excited for whatever you create :D

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sunmiflowers 11 months ago

thank you mei!! ^^

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