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very cool site hehe :)!!!!
antikrist 1 year ago

thank you so much!! ^-^

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wow your site and art are so lovely :)) so cool that you play bass!!
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nymphali 1 year ago

thank you!!!

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thank you so much for your lovely sweet message on my page - i accidentally deleted it instead of replying (DOH!) but wanted to say thank you :)
thank you so much for 100 followers omg :) <3
Neat site :D
noodledesk 1 year ago

thank you :)

Love your site! It's got such a chill and relaxing vibe.
noodledesk 1 year ago

thank you <3 :) i'm so glad u like it!!

hello!!! your site is so cool! i love your little bunny art!
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noodledesk 1 year ago

hello :) oh thank you so much!! that is so kind im so happy you like it :)

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hello everyone ... couple of big life changes recently, haven't had the chance to update my website in a while but i am still thinking of u all and ur wonderful websites ... see u hopefully soon as i slowly adjust :)
blanketfort 1 year ago

i've been checking the quote for the recent article you read every now and then and have been missing ur updates! i hope you're doing well and that the adjustment process will get easier <3 :)

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noodledesk 1 year ago

@blanketfort thank you :)) <3

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