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Not a huge anime fan but I just love 90s anime. I cannot stop watching Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop and Akira. Your review on Cowboy Bebop reminded me it's been a long time since I watched it. Time to revisit this masterpiece.
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pagespages 2 weeks ago

I will most probably do the same, it really is great.

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pagespages 2 weeks ago

By the way, have you seen this, by any chance: ? I believe you would quite like it.

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metamorphosis 2 weeks ago

@pagespages I like Battle Angel Alita. Shame it was too short though. Didn't watch the live action hollywood version because GITS movie left a bad taste in my mouth and I fear it is total garbage.

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pagespages 2 weeks ago

Alita has a mixed response, GITS was bad, but A Kite and Dragon Ball: Evolution were definitely worse.

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We are living in the Matrix. Prove me wrong.
pagespages 2 weeks ago

You are not wrong, but you forget that the Matrix is in a simulation.

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Metamorphosis was updated.
3 weeks ago
murid 3 weeks ago

I hope you keep on writing, I enjoy reading your posts. Yes, there are a few grammar mistakes, but your points are still communicated clearly.

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niicha 3 weeks ago

Feel free to read this if you would like to learn how to interpret your dreams. I should however mention that it is difficult:

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metamorphosis 3 weeks ago

@niicha, thanks for the book. I know only a few about Jungian psychology. Heard a few things about the shadow concept. I was always interested but never looked into it. Eventually I will spend some time getting into pshychology because I find it really valuable.

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I couldn't reach my profile throughout the entire day. It seems they have fixed what was broken. I am glad that Neocities is alive and well once again.
murid 1 month ago

I saved a recent zip of my website in case it went down for good. Nice to know that it's back up.

incelperspective 1 month ago

Same. All is normal now. Thought I we got perma-banned or something ha ha.


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