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I don't think I've seen someone actually using OpenDyslexia in the wild, great type choice. Looking forward to seeing your site evolve.
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Hey ziggybeeps, thank you for following. I think it's pretty cool you're a UX designer- what sort of interfaces do you design/improve on?
ziggybeeps 2 months ago

Hey! I work primarily on responsive web and mobile. Since I work in a client-facing role the products/platforms vary a lot, though, and I've dabbled in some other design as needed (i.e., AR and service design)

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Great site. I'm going to go spend an hour or two reading through the Eona pages now.
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owlroost 2 months ago

Aww, thank you! I will note it's unfinished- I haven't gotten around to playing in a while, but I do plan to pick back up at some point. The nice thing about solo play is that the game waits for you.

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thanks for the follow! i really dig your sites design and layout. the tv static on the blog before selecting an entry is a great touch, the shrine sites are really well done too. i'll bop around more on your site, but keep makin rad stuff!
ziggybeeps 3 months ago

Thank you! Your writing has been fun to browse through - your thoughts around the "geographic cure" especially resonating with me right now - and I look forward to what you write next.

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nohappynonsense 2 months ago

very kind of you to say, thank you!

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