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Apparently you can't edit CSS pages now?
joppiesaus 8 months ago

I can edit my CSS pages normally. By the way, you can actually edit any file, even unsupported ones, kind of funny:

encounters-ltd 8 months ago

finding loopholes in the neocities infrastructure for fun and profit

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arkmsworld 8 months ago

I edited my main front page CSS last night. In the editor it shows it edited but when you go to display it, it only shows the old version. Even deleted it and reuploaded the file from my computer but it still only displays the previous one. Weird.

arkmsworld 8 months ago

The HTML file edited correctly. I could just inline all the CSS on it but I want to actually keep the associated CSS file. Fucked up.

arkmsworld 8 months ago

Figured it out. The editor doesn't understand hr (as in horizontal rule) in the CSS file as a designator, even though it's a THING like p, body, etc , and works everywhere else. So you have to give it an ID, otherwise it just disappears it. This editor is stupid. >:(

cerebraldatabank 8 months ago

I actually type the site_files/text_editor thing every time I edit a file. Especially with browser autocomplete, it's much easier than logging in, going to dashboard, going in folders, and selecting a file to edit

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I like your Tarot deck. :)
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pleurodelinae 9 months ago

thank you ! :]

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