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Phew, got through Vista Interiora in 9:45 and many savepoints. The ammo starvation made it tough. Glad I poked around all the lava tunnels for the secrets, and found that light switch. Well done. (the door in the library needs lower unpegged on the side tracks)
kidmarscat 2 days ago

1. Whoa, did you play on UV? I made UV not trivial-hard but *crazy-hard* because I wanted to make it fun for veteran Doom players :P 2. Yeah, I fixed the door on my local version, haven't uploaded an update because I'm saving it for the "full" version of the WAD!

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dann 2 days ago

Yeah. I tried to do UV-Max, but there wasn't enough ammo halfway through. Even getting past some of the necessary bits. Looking at the map, it seems I still missed a few goodies that would have helped, so I made my job much harder. Was a good challenge. I had to shut it off a few times, but then I got the urge to jump back in.

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This whole page is so me, circa 1999-2002. Love it

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