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i've been meaning to make an rss feed. made a quick rss feed generator, will try to remember to run it every time i add an entry <3
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vagab0nd 6 days ago

I recentely hooked my domain to be reachable on the gemini protocol, and a lot of the content there functions in the way the web did 30 years ago. Websites are constrained using gemtext, which is a simpler version of markup. I enjoy it myself, and many of the sites function very similar to yours. You can read more about it if it piques your interest.

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malachite-green 4 days ago

oh, i already use gemini extensively! (under a different alias)

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vagab0nd 1 day ago

Ooh, ok. Well, that makes sense. I'd love to know where I can find your work on there.

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