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mothcub 1 day ago

oh damn just looked at ur BOOKS and I too love Elizabeth and Her German Garden <3

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blamensir 1 day ago

I should reread it sometime... love all books that are about the changing seasons honestly !!

manulzone 17 hours ago

I love your books section too

manulzone 4 days ago

Every time you update the sources page I get to look at churchgrounds butthole cat and it delights me

blamensir 4 days ago

<3 its at the very top for a reason!

am I the only one who thinks that project on here that posts sites with little followers is a kind of silly...? I dont know, I never looked at neocities and thought "I want to have lots of followers and be really popular", I always thought of neocities as an escape from mainstream social media, where numbers dont matter, I feel like that project defeats the purpose of having your own website significantly
blamensir 4 days ago

i dont want to downplay that im still really happy that a lot of people like my website, but I was never in it for that, Just to propagate my own interests

beelzebabe 4 days ago

I think lots of people want their site seen. but theres too many buttons on there, an it changes so often that i doubt anyones website actually gets traction from it. tbh.

blamensir 4 days ago

yeah that as well. I dont remember the districts site too well but making categories would probably be more helpful

nohappynonsense 4 days ago

i think posting sites that are "friends" or whatever on your site is mostly harmless. the sites that make it their whole "thing" to post other sites seems kind of off to me

kateyagi 3 days ago

I don't like the idea of it being about follower dynamics, but indexes of neat projects you find are fun. So I agree in a sense it's an uncomfy framing.

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the cyber attack on the British library database has been one of the most devastating things for this website .. but thankfully there's still getty and others
capstasher 6 days ago

There was a cyberattack? What happened?

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blamensir 5 days ago

@capstasher its already been quite a while, and I dont know any details (probably nobody knows except their team) but their digitalised manuscripts haven't been viewable for more than half a year now :[

I bought Pentiment yesterday! many of you might be surprised by this but I have never played it before. Hopefully it will inspire me for more directions I could take with my webpage!
ophanimkei 2 weeks ago

I hope you enjoy it. A project director I really like, Josh Sawyer, worked on it and speaks of it highly. I'd like to play it myself too eventually :3 (when I finish Disco Elysium)

alicebluef0f8ff 2 weeks ago

hope you enjoy it! one of my personal favorites <3


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