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I think you should've disabled ClearType when taking the screenshots, would've added a classic aesthetic to it.
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emptyhalls 1 week ago

I see where you're coming from. However, a large part of my intention was to reproduce the 'wrongness' of viewing old sites on modern systems. It's also why I didn't bother replacing the chrome broken image icons with more era-appropriate ones

are the extra spaces in the links in the nav thingy on purpose? kinda tricks people into thinking the content is awol when they just need to get ride of the percent-20's hh
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emptyhalls 1 week ago

yes, those links are broken on purpose. there's a functional (and continually updated) version of the navigation box elsewhere on the site

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encounters-ltd 1 week ago

oky! this is quickly becoming my new favorite neocity btw ^^ so unique

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i thought for years that u could only access any of the content through the comments but it turns out i never tried clicking home on the "guestbook" lmao
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