Rainstorms in July

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after years of looking for an alternative to evernote to organize my drafts, in both "writing" and "note-taking" options, i realized i could get everything i wanted with notepad++...which was already on my computer...on the plus side, one less bloated program on my computer
vas 1 day ago

Yeah, I use directories + text editor for organising my notes as well... it's pretty neat.

rainstormsinjuly 1 day ago

yeah, i don't know why i didn't think of it before, so much better

jeremyredhead 1 day ago

now I can say I'm not the only writer who uses Notepad++ :D (still wish there was spell-checking tho)

rainstormsinjuly 1 day ago

there's a few spellcheck plugins here: not sure if any are working right tho, i'm in the middle of looking for a solution for that myself

rainstormsinjuly 1 day ago

Dspellcheck at least seems to be working so far, wow they have a lot of dictionary options i don't normally see

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