Rainstorms in July

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I made a joke to Strange Crust the other day about using an army of bots to write content for him. Unfortunately while I was just being stupid, the world is moving implacably towards it!
rainstormsinjuly 1 month ago

Honestly makes me wonder how much "content" is already mostly bot written at this point.

bright-eyes 1 month ago

I often wonder if offensive/obscene/extreme political social media accounts are run by bots just to make people angry, etc...

strangecrust 1 month ago

Guys this is weird...but I've never even heard of this "readingproject" site before; I think this account might be a bot

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readingproject 1 month ago

That does not compute! You will be exterminated!!!

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rainstormsinjuly 1 month ago

kept getting these emails. thought someone else might find them amusing. will you write your next book with ~ROBOTS~? only $30/mo.

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wrongwithfreesw 1 month ago

id like two books, one with pickles, and an indie movie. "thatll be 10 million dollars, drive up to the next window please"

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thanks for the follow!

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