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dude when you said you were tearing up i felt that, i spent most of yesterday thinking about all the websites i used to play on before i got my smart phone. everything is steve job's fault lmao. i feel like i am mourning something, flash game websites were a big part of my childhood.
neopets/subeta/goatlings style?
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i get so sad at people who disappear on sites, but then i get even sadder wondering if people have ever wondered about my dead profiles. not only do i have a fear of forgetting people, i have the fear of being forgotten. xD
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i used to actually have an email where i talked to some of you on, but i lost the password for that email shortly after starting conversations with some of you. i often disappear all over the internet for various reasons, but i don't want to anymore. im trying. this are kinda looking up for me, i mean if you ever read my website you know i had some demons to get rid of. anyway, if people do want to communicate with
luficerslounge 3 months ago

me, i'm going to create another one with a password so easy anyone could "hack" me, but at least i will never forget. like this if i should make a new email to connect and communicate.

scifirenegade 3 months ago

If you don't mind me asking or suggesting, maybe a password manager? Then all you had to do was remember one password. Sorry.

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luficerslounge 3 months ago

lol tf is a password manager? im too old school ive never used one. also dont be sorry lol

hope you are well!
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menmy 1 month ago

thank you for this msg!!! <3 i'm still here ig, hope you're okay too.

hope you are well pal

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