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anyone else feels as if or has outgrown neocities? I’m grateful for this community and the fact that i have my own archived bubble of nostalgia as part of the web (thanks, wayback machine -__-), but I haven’t been inspired in months. I used to update my site every day. A lot of the people who were here when I first signed up are inactive or deleted their page, and i dont blame them. I have no inspo to update anymore
yupthatsme 1 month ago

i made a neocities account because i wanted to emulate the 90s and use as an antithesis to social media, but now that i dont care for both or online validation anymore, it serves no purpose.

yupthatsme 1 month ago

also why am i not on the front page despite having no followers and views than some of the pages like the crash of 2019 was never fixed???? huh???

yupthatsme 1 month ago

ok im going to bed. I meant more

haxrelm 1 month ago

That's why I just update when I have an idea for a page. Upload whatever's on your mind that day, it's your personal space after all.

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