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Added U.N. Owen was Her?
jacoder23 3 years ago

I should probably mention that I'll be putting out a Touhou piano cover everyday for the next two weeks? That's going to make up the majority of updates.

jacoder23 3 years ago

Not coincidentally, today I've uploaded the 2nd of the 14 covers I'm working on.

jacoder23 3 years ago

Changed out the last piano cover because I realized just how muffled the audio was. :P I've re-recorded it now with a different arrangement.

jacoder23 3 years ago

Since updates don't appear on Neocities anymore, I'll just comment what I added here.

jacoder23 3 years ago

A piano cover

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jacoder23 3 years ago

That's it lol

Website is currently down due to maintenance. I'm moving hosts from Neocities to Github as Neocities' server-side performance has been atrocious.
jacoder23 3 years ago

Nvm it's already working

jacoder23 3 years ago

I can't believe the greatest performance improvement I've ever had for a website is just changing web hosts.

jacoder23 3 years ago

Still, I love Neocities. Even if I'm not using its paid features, I'll keep on supporting it.

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