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humanraccoon 1 day ago

this is bananas

Hey, Melon! Could you help me out here? When building a website with frames, the frame part overlaps the text, therefore rendering half of the page unreadable. In your site, the frame doesn't overlap the text and instead exists within its own column. Any fix? Perhaps it's a quick fit with CSS? I've tried searching the web, but no answers show up :/
melonking 1 month ago

Thats an odd issue. Are you sure you’ve read up on how frames work? The frame page should have no text or content, thats all on the webpage displayed inside the frame. You’re frame is pure structure. Maybe post a link to an example of your issue?

melonking 1 month ago

Ok so the issue is iFrames and Frames are different things. iFrames embed into a page, old style frames take over the full page. Your trying to makes a frames site using iFrames insted of frames. There’s nothing wrong with that, but its not how frames sites were done in the past, so you will get some unique issues.

melonking 1 month ago

To fix your overlaping text with CSS, I would wrap all your main content in a div. Offset its width by the width of your iFrame and then float it to the right so it clears the frame. Theres a few other ways you could handle that too.

ikewise 1 month ago

The absolute quickest fix would probably be to add style="margin-left:208px;" to your body tag.

yupthatsme 4 weeks ago

Okay, I'll see if that fixes it. Thank you!

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