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Love the aesthetic!
Very, very nice!
melonking 1 week ago

Thanks CNC. Iv also found VSCode to be great. Though for sites the file edit and publish tracking feature in Coda is still killer, wish VS had something similar.

owlman 3 weeks ago

This looks cool!

melonking 3 weeks ago

There's a lot I could add, its really just an early proof of concept.

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Hi Humans, Im happy to announce Iv accepted an offer from Facebook to sell GifyPets. The service will be renamed ZuckerPets and you will have to feed them your personal data or they will automatically like every picture of your ex. Also gifs will no longer function and all theme options will be one shade of blue. Enjoy :D
owlman 3 weeks ago

Great news, I'm glad that sites like Facebook exist in the first place, thank you zucc_bot.bat!

yudosai 3 weeks ago

the zucc thanks you. we are quite greatful for your gregreamazing donation.

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