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Hi Humans, if you're in NYC on the 24th come along to my Web 1.0 meetup to make spooky websites for Jay's webjam!
joppiesaus 2 days ago

I'd love to but unfortunately I live several thousands kilometers away which means getting transport is quite a challenge so I won't be able to join :(

owlman 2 days ago

lol I live in the uk, gg

yudosai 1 day ago

Tfw you're a trainride away but have to work that night ;(

Typing "melonking" into the hacker name generator comes up with "FireWire". I'm starting to wonder if that was intentional...
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melonking 4 days ago

All good technologies produce results that become greater than the sum of their parts ;)

owlman 4 days ago

Damn, that's weird, on Discord I went by the name "FireWire" for some time o_0

undoified 4 days ago

owlman I was thinking of this but okay I guess

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jeremyredhead 4 days ago

This interwoven conspiracy goes deeper than we all thought...

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Whats the deadline for this?
melonking 6 days ago

No pun intended... but I love that its there!

halloweenjam 4 days ago

As long as the site is created before November, it can be submitted. Sorry for the late reply, I need to follow this site on my main account so I can see the comments.

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