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jlehr 1 week ago

Well it looks right when you go to it. I'm not sure why the secure connection failure, I'm a paid member?

joppiesaus 1 week ago

probably some bug in the screenshotting software

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Your industrial section was basically my top 5 band list in high school eons ago. Awesome shit! Plus there's plenty of id software. I need to start a linkgrid of linking people.
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dann 8 months ago

Thanks. It was a great time for music. I have good memories of driving to high school in my '88 chevy listening to cassette dubs of the albums on a daily basis.

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arkmsworld 8 months ago

Saw Gravity Kills and Stabbing Westward at a Goth/Industrial club I used to frequent in the DC area back in the 90s. :)

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dann 8 months ago

Nice, that must have been a killer show.

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empeethree 8 months ago

and I also have memories using cassette players in cars with special adpaters made for things other than actual cassettes.

jlehr 7 months ago

i still listen to cassettes, and I buy vinyls :D I'm one of those people lol

Alright, almost done. I just need to finish the "old and new games" page which features just four, and the "original music archive" which needs 4 more album stories and descriptions written with playable examples. There were 9 total.
jlehr 8 months ago

I also got rid of the "forum system" button because I predict the future of said forum system will consist of all zero posts


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