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omg this reminds me of book review websites i used to visit!! nice job
do you take review suggestions? :0
readingproject 24 minutes ago

Yes. We've only had one request so far: The Phantom Tollbooth. Elementz requested that. You can read the review here

readingproject 20 minutes ago

Thanks for your interest in our website. I've never come across yours before. I've just taken a very quick look and saw you also do art (I followed two others today because of my son).

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readingproject 18 minutes ago

Let us know if you do have a specific book to review. We'll give it a go if we can. (I actually have a whole bookshelf of books backed up to read, so one more just adds to the joy). Thanks

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Thanks for following our website. My son also has an interest in animation - he has a graphics arts degree in animation. I'll show him some of your work. Stuck your button at the bottom of our page, too. Thanks
Thanks for your interest in our site. My son has a graphic arts degree in animation and also produces his own comics etc. I'll show him your site. Nice to see some book reviews too! :-)
kakashi 5 minutes ago

AHH thats so sweet thank you so much :,,) I love your site!!! <3

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