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no i hadn't been there before which is why it was an interesting find. i am a connoisseur of similar artefacts as that site although not in the exact same domain being from a non-english speaking country.
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unfilledspace 5 hours ago

i go through all of them even bible verses ._.

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unfilledspace 5 hours ago

i follow all the sites i follow quite literally.

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unfilledspace 5 hours ago

at source code level ._.

websitering 5 hours ago

Well thanks! Note that reviews posted on April one, like Stargodzilla, were jokes; the movies don't exist. The only exception that I know of is Grendle, Grendle, Grendle, which they chose because it was so obscure that they knew folks would think that it was fake. Here's Wikipedia's article on the film:

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Added Bible Verse of the Day, and links to a Mozilla report on Internet openness.
Added Old-Site of the Day.
Thanks for stomptokyo
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websitering 8 hours ago

You're welcome! It's nice to know someone actually looks at the sites I post. Have you visited StompTokyo in the past?

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Added some links on HTML history
websitering 1 day ago

Thanks for the Like strata!

strata 14 hours ago

you're welcome. ;-)

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Added Old-Site of the Day; Bible Verse of the Day.
What was your old site spacecat?
Added Bible Verse of the Day.

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