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Anyone watching the eclipse?
lilaclynx 2 days ago

Wrong part of the world (and it's overcast anyway) but I hope you're enjoying it.

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arkmsworld 2 days ago

Saw a bit of it here and there. Got only partial coverage in San Diego. :(

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websitering 2 days ago

Only partial coverage here too. Still interesting. Not really like twilight; more like a day-for-night shot in an older movie.

arkmsworld 2 days ago

Did you have a total eclipse?

arkmsworld 2 days ago

Yeah, just a little dimming here, though it was supposed to be half eclipsed. Lots of friends in TN are happy, I reckon. They got/will get the whole deal.

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rocketmix 1 day ago

Well if it weren't for the fact that my house is surrounded by trees and that I don't have solar viewers and that I didn't even know an eclipse was happening until the day before, and I didn't even know that the eclipse was actually the next day I would've seen it.

Added Bible Verse of the Day.

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