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Hope to see you again.
thebrokensetonline 2 days ago

I don't think that's going to happen. Spriteclad mentions they had a falling out, and teal just straight up left literally everything. Why she hasn't deleted this site, I don't know. On that subject, I'm really unsure as to whether or not the return of the Network Neighborhood is even happening anymore because of this.

suyu 2 days ago

who was teal

thebrokensetonline 2 days ago

@suyu - You remember Openbooks? The real one, before the URL got stolen by trolls. That was them.

suyu 2 days ago

i know nothing, saw openbooks around neocities but don't know much

teal 2 days ago

i'm still aroumd, but i'm not really working much on neocities things right now. i'm dealing with a lot in my personal life right now with moving and some personal health issues, so i'm not sure when i'll have the time for this again.

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