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enflicted 23 hours ago

Aw no! I hope Celine recovers quickly, and wishing Maya an easy surgery, and fast recovery, poor fur-babies, they are beautiful.

16504532 13 hours ago

wishing them both speedy recoveries ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

divergentrays 8 hours ago

Thanks, @enflicted and @16504532!

New blog post! Just thought I'd mention that since I messed it up and deleted the update notice instead of just fixing the mistake and leaving the notice.
enflicted 5 days ago

How is Steven King's Fairy Tale? I was thinking of picking it up at the library, but haven't pulled the trigger.

Hi! Thanks for the follow! I've had fun looking through your site and am looking forward to seeing how it grows.
ronnietoss 1 week ago

Of course, I really adore your website so its awesome 2 hear this from u...! Thank u :^)

Another new kitty has joined Kitty Friends!
divergentrays 2 weeks ago

Four new kitties have joined Kitty Friends!

You have such an awesome, fun-filled site! Thanks for the follow. I'll be adding your button to my site. :)
hillhouse 2 weeks ago

thank you so much!!! i love your site too, your cross stitches are so lovely! i'll add your button to mine too <3 i hope you have a lovely day!

Hi! Thanks for the follow. I'll be adding your button to my site. Such a fun site you have!
16504532 3 weeks ago

appreciate that thank you!

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i love your website so much! it's always such a delight to meet a fellow postcrosser and cross-stitcher! love all the fun links (will explore them further very soon), and i really enjoyed the page on riot dogs, too :D
divergentrays 3 weeks ago

Thank you so much! I had such a fun time researching the riot dogs - glad you enjoyed that. I've been to your website and it's so cute! I'll be adding your button to my site.

A new resident has moved into pocket town and one of the houses has had some streetwork done so there's not a kink in the road.

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