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Broadcast tonight!!! ! we're gonna be playing some more layed back stuff tonight, and we're welcoming two new lovely artists to the station! Live in just 1 hour at 7:30 PM PST, dont miss it!
I'm not sure how to reply to a reply on here, so i'm leaving a comment to say thanks for the kind words and for adding my button! ^^
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kingposs 5 days ago

My pleasure! :3

The Possum Den was updated.
1 week ago
Biiiiig update to the site coming soon---I've been refactoring all my webpages to make the code more readable, I ported over my guestbook from 123guestbook to a more elegant solution from Virtualobserver, , and I'm even adding a new KP Radio shareable widget that's waaaay smaller than the original. This and so much more on the horizon...
kingposs 1 week ago

OH and I completely changed how my gallery works on the backend. I'll make a blog post soon about how I implemented it for anyone who wants to use it for themselves!

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BROADCAST IN ROUGHLY 1 HOUR! Come join us at 7:30 PM PST!
kingposs 2 months ago

Also recorded and added 3 new commercials for the station!

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I've created a half-baked tagging and post system that should finally let me upload articles and rants without all the hassle...well, atleast less of it. check it out!
arandomsite 3 months ago

it says u posted this on april 14th 2024 btw

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kingposs 3 months ago

@arandomsite LMAO misdated my first post...thanks for pointing that out!

Live interview and Acoustic performance with Adam, musician and game dev behind "swollen to bursting until I am disappearing on purpose" will be at 11:00 PM PST TONIGHT!!! Get ready ya'll!
KP Radio is returning tomorrow with a bang! We've got a live interview and an acoustic performance from Adam, musician and game dev behind "swollen to bursting until I am disappearing on purpose". It will be at 11:00 PM tomorrow, if anyone unlucky enough to not be able to catch it live, it *will* be recorded and posted at a later date. Get the calendar marked!

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