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hello! you have my Neocities button on your 88x31 page (; could you please use it to link back to my site? it's linkware. :)
bytemoth 8 months ago

sure thing, link will be added on the next site update

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september 8 months ago

thank you! ♥

bytemoth 9 months ago

working on some Computer Shit but it's taking longer than expected (aka I keep getting lost in YouTube rabbitholes instead) so here's a mothzone update with fresh hot spam email

As of 2023-05-06 Neocities has hidden ALL follower notifications, erasing at least 54 pages of activity from my profile.
bytemoth 11 months ago

Before this I followed-back almost everyone, but if you're number 233+, I am no longer being made aware of your presence. This also zaps my ability to deal with no-notice sitename changes, so if your link on GetPages breaks, IDFC.

dann 11 months ago

This was a much better fix than updates not showing in the global activity or the disorganized top follower listing

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bytemoth 11 months ago

I wouldn't mind at all if the /follows and /followers pages could be sorted chronologically, but at this point it feels like things are being removed for purely aesthetic reasons.

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dann 11 months ago

At least in your own profile so you can follow back. Seems counterproductive to squash the social aspect when it's one of the main draws here.

lhfm 11 months ago

This seems like some kind of glitch, posts aren't deleting at all

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bytemoth 11 months ago

I'm down another 3 pages, so it looks like deletion is working again.

joppiesaus 11 months ago

Excuse me, what the FRICK!!!

nullkid 11 months ago

aged like milk

bytemoth 11 months ago

Did it? Being able to see new follows from one month is better than zero, but it still leaves out what happened during the other 83.

nullkid 11 months ago

no i'm talking about the decision neocities made, you're completely right

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