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For all the people out there, do you have any tips on making "weird" or should I say "eerie" websites?
anthonynaber 5 days ago

Just look at :D just kidding, if you want it strange and frightning, add some glitch effects or strange things.

1034co 5 days ago

Learn Javascript. No, really.

dark3n1ng 5 days ago

music bro music

project2 4 days ago

add glitchy anime images and make up some creepy phrases

galaxycat 4 days ago

I should make a creepy phrases generator! Thanks for the idea! :D Also thanks for the tips. I made my 404 webpage all creepy so feel free to let me know how it looks! :D

Sorry for the number of posts but to just leave more tips there are unicode errors in these locations:
And finally the help and guidelines page of login "" has the same Unicode issues that the tracklist page had.
Oh and also on tracklist you have the word love hyperlinking to love.html instead of Love.html resulting in a 404
You should hide some messages in image hex! p.s. I am ethsanime

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