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0x09tf 2 days ago

I'm not sure if it was there before or not, but the little red 'new' marker is pretty nifty!

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thedigitaldiarist 1 day ago

haha the 'new' marker is new. wanted a way to highlight the updates!

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0x09tf 1 day ago

Yes, highlighting the "updates" is very thoughtful of you for the reader base. I've been peeking at the HTML to see how you did it and simply thought: "holy cow!". This is such a clean and very elegant way to do it. I won't ever bother complimenting you on how that HTML page is so clean and tidy behind the scenes... >:-p

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thedigitaldiarist 1 day ago

thanks so much! I'm doing my best to keep things organized (for my sake as well as everyone else's). and I love that you bothered to peek at the HTML :D it's the skeleton of any webpage; I want the page to be easy-to-read, even without a stylesheet

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