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thedigitaldiarist 5 days ago

new uke tune, new homepage update! this week's song is inspired by Rainbow Rowell's book Fangirl. if you want to skip to the video, you can find it here:

gatosalchicha 5 days ago

What a cute song!

I have this dream of a site which looks very simple and text-based on the surface, but gets weirder as you go deeper. hyperlinks lead you to subpages which get more visual and experiemental as you go...
candle 5 days ago

web of leaves..

0x09tf 5 days ago

Sounds good. On the surface you'd keep intact that disciplined and composed website look/content and online behavior that are actually praise worthy. But by providing hooks to rabbit holes that the curious ones/deviants among us actually crave to explore, things could really get... ahem... unexpected!

umhi 4 days ago

I've also been increasingly drawn toward the idea of simple 'boring' sites which become more immersive as you go, rather than the norm of sites which are immediately hyperstimulating... seems like a healthier web experience overall. Sort of related to both of your recent updates, but have you visited One of my favourite sites on the web, and I suspect you'll appreciate it too ;^)

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thedigitaldiarist 4 days ago

I hadn't visited self-noise but oh my goodness I am now going to be spending a good chunk of time exploring! thank you for pointing me toward it 🧡

0x09tf 6 days ago

I really like the urban forest page; it really nails down a peaceful and serene vibe... Kinda surprised to see non-peachy looking pages; are you about to go rogue with some more freestyle experiments? :D

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thedigitaldiarist 6 days ago

you heard it here first, folks - I'm going rogue! haha thank you! I took that photo a couple weeks ago. I would love to experiment with different styles for more pages. it's about time for a little more visual interest!

umhi 4 days ago

Ahh... so nice :^) Thanks for sharing! Excited to see where this new rogue direction takes your pages hehe So nice when you have the basic framework & content in place and can just start playing around! I may be heading in a similar direction with some of my sites soon as well... but recently went a little too rogue and created a couple of pages which my browser can't handle x^D

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thedigitaldiarist 1 week ago

hi team - have you got a spotify account and a minute to spare? my friends and I are donating $5 for every song added to this collaborative playlist to the Indian Residential School Survivor Society. details on my homepage. link to the playlist here: #EveryChildMatters

new update on the homepage :D read it, if you like. or skip to the video. it's me and my uke: cheers!
0x09tf 1 week ago

You're so annoyingly... ahem, versatile! Don't you worry too much about that awkward nerdy look, the voice, the clothing, etc. You'd be pleasantly surprised about how attractive it actually is. Oh yes, loved the lyrics, singing, and the ukelele melody too! :D

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umhi 1 week ago

This was delightful :^) Thanks for sharing!

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