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Hey, you're a composer too! Nice to meet a fellow musician. I also followed you on BC (I'm LCI).
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cool site, your art faintly reminds me of reading nickelodeon magazine as a young kid. bumping floam caverns now.
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encounters-ltd 1 month ago

thank you so much!! i loved that magazine :>

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encounters-ltd 1 month ago

i personally feel like this new button represents me a little better now but ur welcome to keep using the old ones too

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which is cheaper: paying 60 dollars a month for neocities hosting for a paid custom domain, or whatever is the yearly rate of self hosting on a paid custom domain?
ugly74rg37 1 month ago

With your own hosted server, I'd imagine you could do that as long as you're a supporter. I've seen people do that on here. Probably cheap if you run an efficient server.

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dabric 1 month ago

whats your upload speed? afaik home internet is usually lacking in upload speed, which could slow down your website if you decide to self-host

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encounters-ltd 1 month ago

my upload speed is pretty good most of the time i think, idk im not well versed in this lol

is it just me or is css just broken
encounters-ltd 1 month ago

nvm i figured it out

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