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SuperMega is a highly underrated gaming channel. It's like game grumps, but more laid-back? less cynical?
roseknight 7 hours ago

game grumps but funnier

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roseknight 7 hours ago

makes sense since they were gg editors/employees when they started supermega and they only recently moved out of the gg office

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i think cartoon network could stand to play reruns of their cartoons even when theyre out of new episodes. even back in 2010 they were playing reruns of dexter's lab, camp lazlo, and kids next door. i miss that
giant modular synth machines really intimidate me. how are you even supposed to make music with those?
i feel it is a good idea to save your webpage to every once in a while
lambdafun 2 days ago

I usually don’t save but check out once in a while and sometimes I notice someone else archived my site

An AOL Time Warner Company
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one of my ~several~ aesthetics is "Late 1990's comic book advertisements"
i know many people are not fond of steven universe for a multitude of reasons, but i personally see it as a major accomplishment in animation and inclusivity. ive never seen another cartoon that just captures the art of simply feeling
encounters-ltd 3 days ago

im really not sure just how to put it in words sorry

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eyesonthelens 3 days ago

That's so much true, before Steven Universe I had never found myself in any other work of media. I connect so much with it its funny.


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