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Illumination is making an animated mario movie, and with a cast as expansive and diverse as mario's, it's clear that some characters just have no hope of showing up. As much as i wish characters like Count Cannoli or Mimi would show up, theyre just too obscure to stand a chance. Which obscure mario characters do you want to show up?
i like reading homestuck fanventures on mspfa more than i do homestuck
cubertown 14 hours ago

i think people imitating the style of homestuck but with a different (less convoluted) plot will always be better than homestuck

after hearing so many complaints about hazbin hotel's color scheme, ive really put a lot of thought into the ways i can diversify the color pallette in my own hell cartoon. obviously there will be a lot of warm colors cause hell, but i think hazbin's problem wasnt the colors, but a lack of contrast
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x-tremeproject 1 day ago

I don't know, I mean the contrast do need some work but at same time, it does have that 2000s wacky theme to it. But whatever float your boat.

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i have not read the hometuck epilouges, but I've heard enough about them to know that hussie Rowling'd it.
encounters-ltd 1 day ago

then again ive gleaned most of my info on them from's essay and twitter posts on it so maybe its an uninformed opinion but im honestly too scared to do my research

RIP Andrew Weatherfall of Two Lone Swordsmen :( ... the song on my index page is his work
2 likes tommy guererro's toonami soundrack is so good. its honestly a shame he never officially released any of it, besides the backintheday ep

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