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I agree. I've always been a ThinkPad fan, although oldest I've tried and actually touched was a T510 (2010?). Had South Bridge problems, wouldn't boot sometimes, so I sent it back to its seller on eBay. I'd imagine old Macs to definitely be a little more robust, though I still love IBM's hardware motifs.
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How useful/fun do you think buying an old Macbook/Mac Pro would be, particularly one from the Snow Leopard era? Never owned a Mac before, but I love the aesthetic and function of old OSX from what I've seen. I'm thinking of an older desktop model, maybe 2009/10/11, for document work and browsing; don't want to deal with a crappy battery, after all.
thatwhitehand 2 weeks ago

I have one that goes all the way up to Catalina, I just like to Dual Boot it with older versions. I also have a MacBook Core Duo white model and an iBook G4. Its great fun to mess with older hardware, see how usable it is in 2020, ect. I have done it before when my computer was down and actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

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