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OK DESUKA? was updated.
11 months ago
made everything left aligned and added the little things from FE1! how does it look?
bigburger 2 years ago

next im gonna update CONS, its been pretty heavily neglected...

Your site makes me think of Sonic, I can't figure out why... Anyway, I love the retro and nostalgic aspect :D keep up the good work!
bigburger 2 years ago

I think the blue tiles in the back might do it haha, thanks! I love your site too!

your button isnt working for me :(
tojisworld 2 years ago

Thanks for letting me know. I just added a png version on my links page.

tojisworld 2 years ago

Also, I just realised looking at your links page - you'll need to host the button on your site for it display, as hotlinking doesn't work

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