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violetradd 3 days ago

i wanna quit my job i hate it it sucks all my energy out and then when i get home i dont even have the energy enjoy myself

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arkmsworld 3 days ago

Yeah, the whole "Adulting" thing looks so much cooler when you're 8 than when you're actually doing it.

using wireless earbuds are so much better than a huge headset when you wear glasses.. cant believe i havnt done this until now
hbaguette 2 weeks ago

get bone conducting ones, vibrate ur skull

incessantpain 2 weeks ago

shaking my bones

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"not dead just suffering greatly" me at all times
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violetradd 3 weeks ago

new blog post :3c

i redesigned the Taxnul flag :3c i like this one a lot better, green/purple is a much more appealing pallette than red/blue to me. the symbol in the center is meant to symbolize the Taxnul people's devotion to collectivism, while the colors represent their chief dieties; purple for their nature goddess, Abulte, green representing Zoremud, the goddes of technology, and black representing Umalex, god of humans.
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violetradd 3 weeks ago

Abulte is closely associated with the color purple due to her connection to amethyst -- Taxotl (the name given to the territory inhibited by the Taxnul people) contains a mountain range on its west border, with the largest volcano on the continent. The Taxnul people consider these mountains to be the most beautiful natural formations on the planet -- thus they are heavily adorned with temples and shrines to Abulte

violetradd 3 weeks ago

(cont.) Amethyst --considered by them to be the most precious of gems-- is also found in abundance in this mountain chain, and so it has come to be associated with Abulte. Purple has also come to be associated with her due to the presence of water hyacinths in their other notable geographic feature, that being the huge lake roughly in the center of the territory. and I could go on and on but theres a char limit lmao

i finally hit 20k!!!!!!!! how radd is that?!
Sil barukascit winjo sil em Scjanatlbure sipit. Zon Lapotl kax tuxat kutl 🙂

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