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I need some Site of the Month applicants~! If anyone would like to enter their site please do~!
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karasuchan 6 days ago

The sonic fanlisting is mine and is now located here: ^_^

On your fanlistings page, your sonic series button is pointing to a defunct firefly site (awesome show btw), and two of your other buttons now point to the same porn site. Thought I'd mention it 'cause I didn't think that was intentional. :P Really like your site, though. :)
nightmarefantasmic 1 week ago

Thanks so much for the heads up~! ^^ I'm sad that those fanlistings are now dead though :( and thank you so much~! ^^

bright-eyes 1 week ago

I used to join fls and run them and one of the reasons I stopped was because of dead links and keeping up with them when they are moved/adopted out. Check out TFL - they might have moved or changed owners.

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arkmsworld 1 week ago

Oh, no prob. It always makes me sad when cool, old websites go offline.

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nightmarefantasmic 6 days ago

I run one myself too, but luckily the only people listed all have current sites. And I'm actually applying to take over one of them that had died so I'm super excited to see if I get it~!

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