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HI IM BACK (totally not about to cry bc i now hate this place even more after going to my favourite country)
snals 2 months ago

from england btw IF YOURE BRITISH I LOVE YOU but i also hate you because you were blessed with literally the best country EVA

palettespill 2 months ago

i think my fam didnt live in mainland because high price of insurance thats why i live in IOM

anolesquailsandmaybecattails 2 months ago

I think I have said this before but I absolutely LOVE your site's color scheme! And the snail graphics are adorable, I love how on the homepage the one snail looks like it is reading the words <3

Hi! I was thinking, if you don't have it already, look into iNaturalist! You have a lot of valuable knowledge on snails and other invertabrates, and I think you'd like it there. There are projects you can join that are focused on specific things, like this one: You can even start your own project and link your site to it if you wanted!
anolesquailsandmaybecattails 3 months ago

There is also a way to get your iNat observations to show up on a personal site, I haven't done that yet because I am unbelievable busy, but it is definetely something to look into!

snals 3 months ago

HIII THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE IDEA !!! i know inat and i dont really like it :,,) its also a bit problematic imo where i live because its REALLY rare to see snails outside esp in the summertime + i only saw snails one of two species in my whole life , the others are very rare :,,) but thank you so much for the idea ,, i might check it out again in the winter when there are more snails !! :D <3

anolesquailsandmaybecattails 3 months ago

Your thing about butterflies is so insightful!

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