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Thanks for the follow! I actually can't get enough of your website. There's so much to do and see. Such a creative labyrinth to explore!
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joppiesaus 4 days ago

also improved the UwU algorithm when you click the "3 year anniversary" on the main page

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chillbitz 1 week ago

This is a very great analysis. I totally agree. I wear the same things all the time. Of course, I have clothes to switch between so I can wash them, but I don't have a lot. Because I don't need a lot! I don't have the money for clothes all the time.

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nightcity 1 week ago

I think for some people, it's more about the high of buying a new item of clothing than the actual clothing itself. Personally, I keep my clothes until they cannot be repaired any further and I try to buy second hand when I can. That said, the reason I’m able to buy good quality second hand clothes for such a low price is because so many others buy way more than they need, so that's hardly a solution to the problem.

joppiesaus 1 week ago

thank you very much for your thoughts!

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y3lizxjwdw5r 1 week ago

maybe a bit superficial but I like it

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