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15 More Gifs Added!! 1 Blood Gif, 1 Frankenstein, 4 Ghouls, 1 Haunted House, 2 Monsters, 1 Tombstone, 3 Vampires, and 1 Werewolf
....aaaaand we're back
horrorgifs 1 month ago

Also does anyone know if Neocities support is still active? I tried contacting about the problems with uploading my site here awhile ago and never heard back.

Just realized the site has disappeared. Should be back up by tomorrow! I have had trouble hosting the entire site on Neocities possibly due to a filename issue, as many of the files have spaces in the names due to automatic renaming. EDIT: Will be back within an hour hopefully
Hey what is going on?
says the domain expired?
thank you for your service
Your websites speaks so much to my dark side. Haha. Love it.
I loved it. It reminds me of the days when I used to browse gifs from websites and blogsand saving it just so that I could put them in my powerpoints presentation and stare it for hours at home since we didn't have internet at my parent's home back then. :DDD
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Hey this is one of my favorite site on here. The style is so good, seriously creative :0 And I have an idea: maybe you can make a Zombies category? Zombies are amazing ;)
horrorgifs 8 months ago

I realized that the section that include zombies (Monsters) was missing entirely from the index. I intend to create an independent zombie section once I find at least 24 unique zombie gifs. to the next page are the current zombies.

horrorgifs 8 months ago

Thanks very much for visiting, I hope it was as spooktacular as can be!


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