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OMG I saw your comment on my edm page-do you mind me asking which daft punk blog? I was so insanely obsessed with them, I'm wondering if I'd recognize it :,)
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plasticdino 3 days ago

My blog was called daftconspiracies but it didn't get that popular lol. However I was the person who created this meme:

Woah i love ur site!!! u got some good-ass links my dude!!!! (also love ur art)
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plasticdino 1 week ago

wow thank you so much!! this means a lot because I think your art is extremely sick

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natolmo 1 week ago

aw shucks lol.... thank you!!!

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natolmo 1 week ago

i feel like we r both very collage-y kind of ppl... yknow... yeah... lol

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