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it's still coming no worry =o=
lmbdfn 1 month ago

The playlist were I upload my improvisations has moved here:

lmbdfn 1 month ago

Btw as I’m working on new tracks right now I will also resume uploads to the improvs playlist

lmbdfn 1 month ago

Also, after talking about it with a few friends of mine, I finally have the motivation to update the site! Big changes are to be expected!

Hello citizens ! So a friend of mine drew something really cool and posted it on twitter, I figured that people here would like her style so here is the tweet:
lmbdfn 1 month ago

Also she streams (although in French), her name is stoolfeet

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cool site!
limineonal 3 months ago

thank you!!

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Yo future! Have you considered enabling the thing in bandcamp that allows one to subscribe to your entire discography?
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futureperfect 3 months ago

I’m not familiar with this. I honestly don’t even check stats all that often. I just enjoy putting out my stuff to stay creative. Is it a feature worth looking into?

lmbdfn 3 months ago

basically i was scrolling on bandcamp and i wanted to subscribe to automatically get your new albums so here i am OvO

lmbdfn 4 months ago

Added a button to coffeebug’s website and a link to a SoundCloud playlist containing live music improvisations.

lmbdfn 4 months ago

Fixed my age, I’ll update the website soon as i finally have new design ideas <3

QOTY: Do y’all have twitch channels ?

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