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Yoooo, my wife and I just scrolled through your site together. It's sooo good. I love that you've committed to it for so long!! That's my ultimate goal is to run a site for decades. We especially loved reading about your rave days and looking through all the goofy photos and fliers. I will definitely add your button to my badge wall when I get it up and running :) -Salty
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fairytrash 3 days ago

aww thank you for your kind words! i haven't updated the site in a long time, but maybe one day i will again.

hey you! i dont know if you heard but tokitae passed away yesterday. RIP 😥
every time someone finds me on another site from neocities and writes me about how much they love my site, my heart gets all warm and fuzzy and i remember that i can be a light to peoples lives ♡♡♡
i miss being creative but i do not have the desire :( come on buggy, bite me again
curse10 2 months ago

🐛 good luck little buggy! well, your website is amazing and so rich with content! I saw some cute caterpillars in your sticker collection c:

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spread da vibe...
fairytrash 2 months ago

love and peace~!

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Anyway I come here because I have a question. I run a domain for my dolphin advocacy and the server I am running it on is dissolving. Does anyone have any suggestions on who I should look for to host? I've never hosted my own real domain before so I don't know who is the best. It's just a wordpress site. You can see it on
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fairytrash 6 months ago

like I want to purchase a host or whatever. My friend was hosting me but is closing their server down so I need to look for one. I'll buy it,I'm not asking someone to do it for free. I just don't know where to look. I got my domain on GoDaddy but I'm sure there are better options around

melonking 6 months ago

There are many webhosts out there! However if your domain name is already setup with GoDaddy, then its easiest to just use their web hosting (its $3 a month) - some people dont like them, but ehhh; they will make it very easy for you to connect your old domain to your new hosting; and they should be able to help if you have issues moving your WP site over!

Is the Yesterworld discord dead? I can't post in it for whatever reasons
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netdrifter2000 6 months ago

they've moved over to a forum for easier moderation and more independence

I cut my hair for the first time in 15 years the other day. There are probably children younger than that on this website following me hahahaha
bright-eyes 9 months ago

I'm in my 40's. I feel like everyone is a spring hatchling compared to me.

happy december everybody ♡ idk how i continue to gain followers when im not updating but hello :) i hope to one day return to creating ♡

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