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i have lots of ideas for a new site overhaul, but they're all just in my brain / on paper rn. :'P <3 sorry to be so inactive.....
happy new year everypony
honeycitron 1 year ago

just a little journal entry for ya. moved to a new city. feelin' tired, feelin' wired, feelin' high, feelin' low. you know how it is.

super interested to see your vocaloid horror section of your miku page whenever you put it together!! i was there for that subculture and ive been doing documentation work on vocaloid creepy songs and its so cool to see other people are into it too lol
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honeycitron 1 year ago

omg would u want to email me & send me ur documentation? vocaloid horror is my favorite vocaloid subculture <3

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