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Awesome site! Sad to see you leaving but I'll be sure to keep up with!
just now read the article "leaving" -- it's too bad; I agree, updating things on NC currently is a real pain, we really need template.html or smth. i'm curious what's wrong with the CLI -- i've been meaning to use it more but keep forgetting to. Anyway
invisibleup 2 days ago

I haven't actually used the CLI. I'm sure it's fine, considering it lets you push a whole irectory to your site.

Nice site! Using JS as a templating system is really clever. And your posts are really cool too.
jeremyredhead 2 days ago

...alas, using document.write is not. Chrome might tolerate writing a second dcotype and what-else, but Firefox does not. :( For a rough sketch of a slightly better JS templating system, check

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roseknight 1 week ago

good luck out there in the wild, wild non-neocities west!

invisibleup 1 week ago

Thank you! I love neocities and all the different sites on it, but I've just outgrown it.

Okay but seriously that April Fool's joke was only kind of a joke. I'm leaving Neocities, soonish. No hard feelings.
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