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tovera-chronicles 3 days ago

Oh hell yeah, this format is fire. Wiki pages for the win! Also as a side note: if you DO read the encyclopedias, humanoids/"oddfolk" are getting a slight retcon for world cohesion, so apologies if that causes confusion as you read the new species wikis.

The encyclopedias are a HUGE mess right now, lol. Anyone have any better ideas on how to organize them? Right now, I'm making the species list into buttons you can click, which opens up the info tab associated with them, but even that seems clunky.
tovera-chronicles 4 days ago

I'm Googling around now, but I'm open to suggestions since I'm kinda stumped. I do see that my fellow worldbuilding pals have whole separate pages for the species in their worlds, so that might be better than stuffing them all on one page.

capaxinfiniti 4 days ago

honestly i’m kinda running into the same issue :/ maybe try browsing deviantart psd makers, or see what you can find on codepen for layout inspiration?

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numbersstory 4 days ago

i think including side images/side sections can help, as well as visually breaking up chunks of text (with a darker background color or dividers in some way).

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tovera-chronicles 4 days ago

Both of those are killer ideas! I'll see what I can do with those suggestions, thanks!

capaxinfiniti 1 month ago

oh you got the modal to work, it looks nice!

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tovera-chronicles 1 month ago

YEP! Now I'm trying to stop the page from going back to the top when one is opened, which is easy peasy!

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