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Btw I added some new midis to the Midis section! :D Also added some more songs to my spotify playlist.
This site is so much fun! It's the hallowen town of the internet XD
kreepykeys 11 months ago

High praise! Thank you so much. :D

Man I wanna do more with the site I just don't know *what*. I know I said it before, but I'm always open to ideas! :D
clownbonk 11 months ago

maybe printable coloring sheets or something like that?

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antikrist 11 months ago

arts and crafts maybe? or pumpkin carving patterns :D

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kreepykeys 11 months ago

All great ideas! Thank you! :D

Btw I'm totally open to suggestions for stuff to add to the site. If you have an idea, please feel free to share! :D

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