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thanky for the follow! :D
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mrszenigata 10 hours ago

You're welcome! Pixie is so cute!

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i finally had more of a chance to check your page out. your page is fun with such cute art style. looking forward to seeing more of it! :D
solilokii 2 weeks ago

thank you so much :))) ♡ im so glad to hear it!

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love the style of everything!
blamensir 4 weeks ago

thanks so much!! :]]

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thankyaz for the follow! :D
solilokii 4 weeks ago

of course! your page is so sweet :)

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thankies for the follow! :D
openranka 1 month ago

pixie is very cute, she reminds me of my own black and white chihuahua/pomeranian mix! especially when she was a puppy, those giant ears :')

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tinypaws 1 month ago

thanks :D she does have some giant ears that somehow get even bigger when theyre wet lol

Neocities previews are funky. page 156 is the latest page not the preview that's displayed
bright-eyes 1 month ago

I've updated my site and it's not even showing on my profile/feed...

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tinypaws 1 month ago

i should count myself lucky than i see :D thanks for letting me know. least i know it's not Neocities just picking me lol

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thanks for the follow and welcome to Neocities! :D
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bennybennybooboo 1 month ago

Thanks! I hope Pixie's Going well!

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tinypaws 4 weeks ago

shes well :D a tid mad at me though. i trimmed her nails today and shes been giving me 'why you do this to me' look lol

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