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I get so overwhelmed, which is why I sometimes go over a month without updates, and even without comments sometimes.
americasdecline 2 weeks ago

hang in there. <3 part of reclaiming the web is taking the pressure off to be on all the time imo.

I got 286 FOLLOWERS!!!!!! Now the follower count is entering the x86 range, seeing as all sorts of x86/DOS/Windows computers were shared in Suzanne's computer lab!
ideas are being brainstromed
There's all sorts of Doom WAD ideas floating around. I'd like to see some that pay tribute to celebrities.
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You'd be hard-pressed to find any ladies named Susan (Suzanne being a valiant) who were born after the release of the Altair 8800 computer, because that name is from a long gone era from before the Altair 8800 came out. And, as with my reasons why I search for trivia about a woman's first name, well, its a way to make sure that any reference to that name isn't just "a tin box that lights up". I've seen PoSV before.
empeethree 2 months ago

Just so you know, PoSV stands for Pirates Of Silicon Valley, an old movie about the history of personal computers. And, that movie is where I hear this quote: "your machine needs our language, and without it, it's just a tin box that lights up." .. and a quote like that can sum up why I search for purpose with my usage of computers, and why Suzan Vega needs honor for bringing MP3 files to Windows 95 and newer comps.

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To my standards, a markup language is a type of programming language, well, it programs the webpage to look a certain way, HTML being a classic example, and I learn parts of it slowly over time.
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empeethree 3 months ago

A new section about mysterious image deletions has been added to the cutting room floor page.

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I miss the IRL Suzanne Somers! RIP it may have been 4 months, but I still miss that sweet lady!
lots of ideas for HTML pages, one won't know where to begin!

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