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Networking with peers is another thing I sorta wanna do here on Neocities. Editing pages can be hard, and sometimes there's nostalgia I like to showcase as that's part of being a Neocitizen. I enjoy Neocities, and the Neocitizens. My account first started off as a hosting account for content to share elsewhere, but over time I changed my style to be more like other Neocitizens. I still brainstrorm ideas 2 this day!
empeethree 3 weeks ago

I wanted to type a long comment, but I ended up reaching a character limit. Sometimes working around that, can involve things like switching out Suzanne with Susan, or shortening it to Sue, or sometimes using digit 2 in place to "to" or "too", but of course I could leave out the quote I used for emphasis here LOL. I tend to be technical on some things.


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