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come back plz!
anlucas 6 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving 2023! I've been part of NeoCities since 2013 and am glad to share my slice of the web and I am thankful for all those of you who visit and feel inspired by my website! Here's to another 10 years of sharing my love for the creative and expressive spirit of the old web :)

44nifty 6 months ago

when Neocities needed them the most, they returned

arkmsworld 6 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving

moonview 6 months ago

lucas! your website was one of the first i came across when i started my website in 2016. it has been such an inspiration to me, thank you!

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jetpackjackson 5 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Allison! I don't know how likely you are to see this, as you've not updated your website in a year (sadly). But I was wondering if I could use the neocites_button.gif and freespeechforever.gif buttons on my website? If not, I understand. I hope you come back soon as your website was one of the ones to inspire mine when I started a year ago.
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hello i like your color test computer monitor gif is it ok if i use it
anlucas 2 years ago

I emerge from my dark chasm once again🌀️✨

44nifty 2 years ago

And when we needed them most... they returned.

looked through your Art tab and was surprised to find out that that painting was done with acrylics on a canvas. I can see the fabrics when i zoom in, but the lines are so straight and the colors so solid and evenly spread that i was certain you'd done it on a pc! very impressive!
anlucas 2 years ago

Thank you, I'm glad you like my artwork! I achieved the clean lines with the help of some good blue masking tape :)

44nifty 2 years ago

And when we needed them most, they returned

The anlucas button at the bottom of the page redirects to If you just replace with the base site thatd fix it ;-;

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