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Have you played Crossniq+ yet? It's like if Yoshi's Cookie were a Y2K Dreamcast game.
Have you folks played The Coin Game yet?
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me working on my site more like
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UPDATE: cleaned up some of the 88x31 section, added a couple of buttons but mostly changed the Geocities mirror URLs to ...RIP
exosilver 2 days ago

What better way to commemorate oocities as a relic of the internet past than with this shiny new 88x31? Call now within the next fifteen minutes and and we'll throw in a bonus "reocities.png" button at no extra charge! (Just pay shipping and handling) Relegate your former favourite mirror to the confines of the ouroborus it was doomed to remain a part of TODAY!

scifirenegade 2 days ago

Wait? Oocities is gone? Damn...

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pajamafrix 1 day ago

oocities seems to be offline since a couple of days/weeks ago. really sux

exosilver 14 hours ago

it was far, far from perfect, but i respect it for what it was

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