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the kind of shit going on here is why i tell potential clients to turn off their site profiles when using neocities for hosting
x-tremeproject 1 week ago

Even for some web master who want a free host for their website. It fucking awful I have to say.

joppiesaus 1 week ago

Could you give an example? I am not sure what you mean, thanks

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theyoshiclubhouse 4 days ago

I'm not sure what exactly you're referring to, but I definitely know where you're coming from. I had a long, hard think, and realized that the site profile was a huge reason I never wanted to come on here and update anymore. :'/ Will be disabling it next time I come on here, and I really recommend most people do the same. left? fucking weeeeeeeak
exosilver 1 week ago

you stupid pissworm get back here, you had one of the coolest replica sites

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exosilver 1 week ago this screenshot from the game itself is all we have

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encounters-ltd 1 week ago

i needed this

exosilver 1 week ago

you need it more than whatever the fuck people are carrying on with in the status updates today, that's for sure

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hi hello check out the analogue audio YTPs i've uploaded to
encounters-ltd 2 weeks ago

monotron delay for the win

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