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Im going to plant the moon tree in two hours (not an actual tree). Be there :) (this is an event link)
Lurking in the dark at 1AM watching a small amount of people join
The discord server has been created, and a button has been removed in favor of a new one on the main page. ( ) All hail the King of the Moon. Have fun.
I really, really wanted to get rid of the rick roll button, so a discord server is in the works so I can advertise that instead of the equivalent of a landmine. You're welcome.
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alright im just going to redesign the entire main page since it is remarkably broken (i am horrible at web design). Just gonna get the quick fix in where i force the 125% zoom (probably) then start working on the page itself. its going to have less of the clutter but is going to be more organized.

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