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1 month ago
nightcity 1 month ago

Added reviews for Kung-Fu Master, RealSport Boxing and Sprint Master.

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Night City was updated.
2 months ago
shiitakeworsthand 2 months ago

Are your tetris facts updated? Joseph's high score is in the 1.4 million area I believe now, and ~700,000 isn't even a max out score. Unless you're talking specifically about the PAL version vs NTSC

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nightcity 2 months ago

Yeah, sorry. I was writing about his PAL high score (although he's also the top ranked NTSC player as well). Updated it now to clarify that. I believe it's considered impossible to max out PAL NES Tetris.

nightcity 2 months ago

Oh wait, no you're right. Somebody beat his PAL world record. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I'll get around to updating it later.

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