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Are you pro-capitalist, neutral/other, or anti-capitalist? (I'm confused.)
familyfriendlyacidtrip 2 weeks ago

very anti, im an anarchsit communist.

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Hey I know you from /tech/. You were in this typesetting thread.
likho 1 month ago

I haven't browsed /tech/. (Who knows where they went off to now.) And I didn't know they had a typesetting thread.

bastila 1 month ago

"Intraverse Infinity" was made on /tech/. Two out of three books on your page are issues of it and you don't know that?

bastila 1 month ago

Or to be more accurate by an Anon on /tech/.

bastila 1 month ago

So I just assumed it was you.

likho 1 month ago

I'm aware I have Intraverse Infinity issues on my page, but I listed myself as a contributor not the main editor or publisher behind it.

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