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neocities has been kinda dead recently... i guess its just the summer-winter pattern
encounters-ltd 4 days ago

im still here

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lancer502 4 days ago

its been dead since like 2017

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billsworld 4 days ago

I am still around...

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nightmarefantasmic 4 days ago

I just got here! XD

cubertown 4 days ago

"[insert community here] has been dead lately" is something that im tired of hearing because so often its not the fault of the community its the fault of the person not seeking out more active people

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encounters-ltd 4 days ago

maybe its because people have to do things in the community for the community to be alive

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x-tremeproject 3 days ago

Guess I not the only one thinking that

downloading da linux mint
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personally-comfy 5 days ago

my "made on windows" button is about to change. unless i brick my computer somehow

my mom must've tryed getting on my computer because my laptop was open when i got home from school (i close it when i leave). I just asked her why it was and she said she "was cleaning my keyboard because it was disgusting."
personally-comfy 1 week ago

except that it really wasn't. she has a history of going through people's phones. It makes me feel unsecure. paranoid rant over

mace486 1 week ago

Use a password maybe? Or if she gets mad if you password protect things, just uhhh take out the hard drive.

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