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I need to update, but ugh. How do y'all get enough motivation!?
Wow, ty so much! Appreciate it a lot! :D
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Hey, I read your lattest Journal entry and need to say that you can encode the music files as base64 and use them. I made a .txt music player using this method. Learned this trick from:
irony-machine 3 years ago

Thank you so much, exactly what I needed!! (and also a very cool solution)

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Hey, I was reading your how2s and you can upload files directly to neocities (without "ftp") via their "CLI". You just need to fiddle a little with some code and script it. Nice website btw, looking forward more pics of Mr. Cat :)
bmh 3 years ago

Thank you for the info. I thought that kind of access was only available to paying members, but I will look into it. There are more pictures of Mr Cat to come :) I'm currently listening to Wikipedia as per your More page!

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4 years ago
TP for your banghole!
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neonaut 4 years ago

*dances in the rain*

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Você é brasileiro também? Enóis mano (aliás ótimo site!)
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heyty 4 years ago

oh noes! Fui descoberto!

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Hey, the "Click here to die instantly" link is not working #revolted ò_ó
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Your anime face generator is awesome!!! Keep it up!

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