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Sick intro screen :p
Hi! Unsure if you will see this, however... Your coding work is super interesting! I can't help but wonder if the 88x31 collection is automated. Do you detail anywhere how you made it?
neonaut 1 week ago

it is, i have some links at the bottom of the page but they are dead D: i detailed some of my process here

How did you guys find me. Hi
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tofokyo 1 week ago

I remember having found it thru someone's webring, couldn't remember who's though orz

DIZZY WORLD was updated.
1 month ago
4disease 1 month ago

Yes, sorry, teto cosplay log is not done yet. Soon!

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Saw that you followed me a while back-- Really brilliant stuff, absolutely love the vintage quality of your animations
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tofokyo 2 months ago

Thank you! Yeah your art is really cool too, I like that your site makes me feel like im browsing on a grandpa's computer (non-pejorative)

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Updating my website slowly, once my finals are over things will pick up. Is anyone doing artfight this July?
Really cool website... I can practically smell the dust and mold
Hello! I forgot to comment here before, but I really like your whole website layout and I think your shrines are really sick... The machine girl one specifically, you have good taste! Happy webmaster-ing...
feelingmachine 3 months ago

thank you ^_^ i try my best to be cool and hip with the kids

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